Who’s working the hardest in the classroom?

As October rolls in, you (and your students and staff) are most likely settled into your new routines for the year.  Great time for a quick self-check before the routines become too engrained to change!  First question –  Who’s working harder?  You or your students?  I remember years […]

No longer the ‘keepers of knowledge’

As the excitement of the first days of school ripple throughout the world, our memories can be filled with so many first days of our own in various roles – as students, teachers, leaders, parents, and grandparents.  Although a lot about our schools still remains […]

Prioritizing The Self

As Dr. Seuss says, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”   Some years we are more ready to move on than others.  Regardless of how your year unfolded and where the path took you, it’s a great time of year to reflect and […]

Engaging in May

With testing culminating and the end in sight, we often have a spring in our step (and many of our students have a few springs!!)  Often our narrative in May reflects this nearing end… “They’re checking out.  They’re done. I’m done.  There’s too much going on.” […]

5 ‘day of’ test prep strategies

Surrender.  It’s that time of year.   As you enter testing season, a time in our schools that often holds so much – curiosity, anticipation, hope, overwhelm and more often than not, stress and anxiety, it’s time to surrender.   You’ve done all you can […]

5 ways to re-engage focus with novelty

March – the apex of teaching.  Congratulations!  You’ve reached the summit where teaching and learning are at their peak. It’s a wonderful time in schools ~ you’ve done all the preliminary work to maximize learning!  You know your students and what makes them tick.  Your […]

Moving the heart to the ‘must have’ list

Until recently, educating the heart was more of a ‘nice to have’ in our schools.  Today, however, it’s clear that in order to serve children in a way that really sets them up for success in life, it’s essential that we move ‘educating the heart’ to […]

Looking Up for Bigger Dreaming

For many of us, a new year signifies a shift – new beginnings, fresh starts, renewed aspirations and recommitments to our goals and intentions in the world and for ourselves. As we settle back into school, it’s a great time of year to initiate some […]