The One Thing for Classroom Success

As February rushes in, I’ve noticed one common thing with the teachers I’m coaching.  All of them, not some of them, all of them feel their plates are too full, there’s too much going on, too many ‘priorities’, and they are overwhelmed as they look to the […]

What makes some moments more magical?

On Thanksgiving morning, I took a quick drive to town.  With only a few cars on the road, it was certainly quiet and calm, an unfamiliar feeling in Los Angeles, but there was something else that was palpable in the air.  I couldn’t quite name […]

What’s stressing students out?

Last week I was facilitating a training for high school students at the Youth Advocacy Leadership Conference for the Los Angeles County Office of Education. I was teaching students about the adolescent brain, stress, and the impacts on learning, behavior, mood and choices.  So as […]