Looking Up for Bigger Dreaming

For many of us, a new year signifies a shift – new beginnings, fresh starts, renewed aspirations and recommitments to our goals and intentions in the world and for ourselves. As we settle back into school, it’s a great time of year to initiate some […]

Be Here Now

As we enter the season that holds so much – some joy, some overwhelm perhaps, great expectations, high anticipation, and often times some disappointment and exhaustion, we have the potential to experience a full spectrum of emotion in both our professional and personal lives. What […]

Commit to Connecting

Time flies, but you are the pilot.   As we roll into November our minds can be coerced to thinking about the buzz of the holidays and closing out the first half of the year.  Just noticing that, however, can free us from the rush to […]

Slowing Down for Success

One of the most amazing things about education is that you can literally start new each year!  New class.  New students.  A fresh beginning.   I always loved brainstorming with colleagues about what and how we would do things differently, how we would refine what worked […]

Allowing Grit and Perseverance

Over the past ten years, I, like many educators have been reading and learning about the concepts of growth mindset and the values of perseverance, grit, persistence. The likes of Carol Dweck, who essentially pioneered the growth mindset concept into schools, and Paul Tough in […]

Summer Reading Musts

One of my fondest memories is of my summer days sitting at the beach with my mom, a life-long educator and administrator.  My beloved mother, Gina Vance, who passed in March of 2017 could not sit still.  That’s one of the things that made her […]

The Power of ‘Hi’

Recently I was watching CBS sports commentator, Bill Reiter interview NBA rookie, Grayson Allen out of Duke.  Bill asked Grayson about what he would bring to the NBA and how he’d prepare.  In Grayson’s answer, he began noting his competitiveness and talked about summer training.  […]