This series of trainings has been designed to support the evolution of school culture to prioritize well-being to enhance both teaching and learning, improve mental health, and increase levels of happiness which we know leads to more successful and satisfying lives!    

Short in nature to accommodate tight schedules, these trainings can be implemented across days, weeks, or months.  

Research points to on-going training and development as having the greatest impact on growth and learning.  As partners, we work collaboratively on scheduling to create the time and space that works to ensure your staff is equipped and empowered to continue evolving and refining their craft through a culture of well-being.  

Embracing & Embodying Well-Being

Integrating & Infusing Social Emotional Learning

Cultivating a Self-Regulated, Mindful Classroom

Teaching to the Teenage Brain

Up-Leveled Self-Care for Educators

I believe in a world where our most powerful, effective leaders are in our schools, empowering kids … changing the world

If you’re interested in learning more about trainings, I’d love to share with you. 
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Trish Keiller, Founder Roots Education
Trainer & Coach

Hi!  I’m Trish Keiller!  I’m a trainer, coach, and speaker and I work with educators and parents to empower kids to thrive. For the past 25 years, I have been helping to accelerate student, teacher and leadership growth and development. I’ve experienced many facets of leadership and teaching –  as a teacher, director of professional development, curriculum writer and facilitator, coach, and yoga and mindfulness instructor.

My focus is on the integration of the academic and social emotional development, enhancing the skills, behaviors, mindsets, and attitudes that empower students and adults alike to thrive.

I’ve earned a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, a Master’s in Educating Students with Learning Disabilities, and a Master’s in Educational Leadership & Administration. I’m also certified as a holistic health counselor, yoga and mindfulness instructor, and virtual coach.  Most recently, I graduated from HeartCore Leadership’s Transformational Leadership Program.  

Mostly, I’m a student of the game … passionate about learning, growing and helping others thrive through continuous growth and improvement.  I’m pretty much obsessed with teaching and learning!  

I’m also a mom and a wife and so home is often my greatest classroom!