Simply contact us and we can set up a 15 or 30 minute call to answer your questions or brainstorm a strategy to start empowering your staff.

Our trainings and workshops are customized to meet your needs.  Most trainings run 3-6 hours and workshops range from 2-4 hours. Coaching sessions are usually scheduled for 30-45 minutes.

Absolutely. We know time is limited so we work with you to accommodate your schedules.


We understand school schedules and the luxury of a full day training doesn’t always fit within the confines of a school calendar.  We can work with you to develop a plan that best meets your campus needs.  Together we will create a schedule that aligns to your goals and is coherent for teachers!

Yes.  We curate all of our materials for each training and workshop and customize it to meet the needs of the staff.   

Material costs range from $5-$30/per person.

Our goal in coaching is to accelerate growth and learning and build capacity within the school.  Most coaching cycles run about 3 months with weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions.  Depending on the need and schedule, the sessions may include: classroom observations, model lessons, peer observations, and/or facilitated debriefing and planning sessions.