Proven, outstanding leaders share:
1) How they have moved schools and districts through the pandemic;
2) The greatest lessons they learned;
3) The opportunities they took advantage of; and
4) Their go-to strategies for cultivating cultures where everyone thrives.

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About Trish Keiller

Trish D. Keiller, M.S. Ed, founder of Roots Education, is a master trainer, coach, and speaker who helps schools cultivate cultures of well-being through integrating mind-body wellness.   With over 25 years' experience in education, Trish brings expertise in social emotional learning, mindfulness, and transformational leadership to her partners to empower them to accelerate learning and enrich joy for the journey! Trish has a wide range of experiences in schools – as a teacher, curriculum director and writer, consultant, and coach. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, a Master’s in Educating Students with Learning Disabilities, and a Master’s in Educational Leadership & Administration. She is a certified health counselor, yoga teacher, mindfulness instructor, and transformational leadership coach. Trish espouses her passion for the evolution of schools as 'hubs of happiness' where kids are calm, strong, confident, (and yes) happy!