Two Classes (2 hours long)

Downloadable PDFs with activities, exercises, and techniques

Classes available LIVE or On-Demand


Mindfulness is often associated with a sitting meditation practice. But it’s so much more than that!


                     In fact, mindful awareness gives us the power to: 

Manage emotions
so they don’t overwhelm us  

Access optimal physical, mental, and emotional health so we can feel well

Build and maintain healthy, positive relationships

Communicate effectively with others and work through conflict

Overcome challenges and obstacles 


These practices teach us how to access



Join the Mindfulness Starter Course and get access to the tools, techniques, practices, and mindsets that set you and your kids up to thrive!



  • If you’re wondering what all the buzz is around mindfulness

    If you’re looking to expand social emotional learning access in your school and community… 

    If there’s a part of you that feels life shouldn’t have to be this hard

  • If you’re looking to get kids engaged and connected… 

  • If you want to
    empower kids from the inside out…

  • If you believe that emotional intelligence sits at the foundation of a healthy, happy world…


                          Then JOIN ME NOW!


Mindfulness Starter Course Details:

Class 1:  Tools for YOU

Class 2:  Tools for KIDS

  • Examine principles of mindfulness and  unearth why mindfulness is not the same as meditation!

  • Experience spa-like practices that energize, re-fresh, rejuvenate, and re-inspire your best, wisest self!              

  • Discover 60-second shifts that put you back in the driver’s seat and in control!

Explore Mind-Body Literacy and the missing links that can support you in self-regulation and co-regulation!

Discover the 3 keys to behavior change that allow you to override current (unwanted) habits and help you maintain the optimal ones!

De-mystify what mindfulness looks like and sounds like with kids! 

Explore mind-body integration practices that reduce anxiety, build confidence, and inspire feelings of JOY and well-being! 

Learn strategies to engage kids of all ages – whether in a classroom 6 feet apart, via zoom, or on the soccer field!

Learn the 3-Step process that can shift you and your kids into self-awareness and self-empowerment in just 3 minutes!

Experience and use activities that get kids back in their power!



Thursdays, March 18 & 25:  4pm – 6pm PST / 7pm – 9pm EST 


Sundays, March 21 & 28:  10am – 12pm PST / 1pm – 3pm EST  



Anytime, anywhere life-time access

JOIN NOW for just $47!

A few more details for the analyzers (just like me!)

How long is the class?  Do I need to be there live? 

               Each class is two hours.  We’ll have plenty of time for questions and answers both at the end and during class.  This is an interactive class where you can engage as much (or as little) as you’d like.  I get it, sometimes you just want to absorb an experience!  Both work for this mini-course!  Being there live will give you a chance to connect with others and ask questions in the moment! 

What if I miss a class?  

               No worries!  We are busy, I get it!  Each class recorded.  You can go back and watch the replay whenever it’s a good fit for you.  You’ll also have unlimited access to the class, so you can keep and re-watch as it feels appropriate!    


The class is offered on both Thursdays and Sundays.  Do I have to choose one?  

               No!  You get to show up when it works for you.  The content for both days will be the same, however, they will not be identical depending on the questions that arise from the present group.  


Will I need to take notes?     

                No!  You will get all of the notes and handouts you need to support you in using the tools and practices.  In fact, I’ve designed this course so that you can fully BE in the experience.  You get to just be present in your body, mind, and heart.  I’ve taken care of what you need for the future in your notes!  Relax and enjoy!   


Is this course appropriate if I’m not an educator or a parent?  

               Yes!  This is a great fit if you’re into supporting kids – social workers, youth development support, school counselors, after-school providers.  If you would like some access to your wisest, more regulated, powerful self, then yes!  Whether you’re new to mindfulness or want more tools for yourself and your kids – either tangible tools, or just ways to talk about it and advocate for the work in schools, then this is a great fit.  If you’re interested in understanding how we can collectively more fully, effectively, and efficiently support kids, then yes!  Jump in!

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Trish Keiller, Founder Roots Education
Trainer & Coach

Hi!  I’m Trish Keiller!  I’m a trainer, coach, and speaker and I work with educators and parents to empower kids to thrive. For the past 25 years, I have been helping to accelerate student, teacher and leadership growth and development. I’ve experienced many facets of leadership and teaching –  as a teacher, director of professional development, curriculum writer and facilitator, coach, and yoga and mindfulness instructor.

My focus is on the integration of the academic and social emotional development, enhancing the skills, behaviors, mindsets, and attitudes that empower students and adults alike to thrive.

I’ve earned a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, a Master’s in Educating Students with Learning Disabilities, and a Master’s in Educational Leadership & Administration. I’m also certified as a holistic health counselor, yoga and mindfulness instructor, and virtual coach.  Most recently, I graduated from HeartCore Leadership’s Transformational Leadership Program.  

Mostly, I’m a student of the game … passionate about learning, growing and helping others thrive through continuous growth and improvement.  I’m pretty much obsessed with teaching and learning!  

I’m also a mom and a wife and so home is often my greatest classroom!