Mind-Body Mastery Course for Teens

Hey Teens!

* Feeling the heat of an insane schedule?

* A little overwhelm keeping you up at night?

* Figure there’s  GOT TO BE  that can help?

Well, trust that! Because THERE IS!

Hi! I'm Trish Keiller!

When I embarked on my own path of self-discovery and well-being over two decades ago, I had no idea what was to come... but every time I learned a new practice or tool, all I could think was... "Well, I wish I knew this a long time ago! .. It would have been really helpful!"

To be honest, I was a bit angry that the tools came to me so late in the game of life, but now I can see that it's because I'm the one who gets to teach them!

I'm obsessed with learning (and teaching) ... and I believe in the power of our youth. I believe in the power of YOU as our change agents... as the leaders and visionaries of our new society - a just, flourishing, healthy people!

And maybe that sounds big, but the truth is, mostly, these tools just helped me feel better! And you can too! Because when I felt better, well, EVERYTHING just seemed better!