Slowing down speeds up learning and growth.

Life moves fast. We feel it. Our kids feel it.

Yet, the power of stillness enhances our ability to respond mindfully, retain information, enhance cognitive functioning, access creativity, and embody joy and gratitude.

Oh yea, and it feels good too.

In the Roots to Ready experiences, students will learn:

Brain and body.

As much as we teach kids, we don’t often dig into how the brain actually learns.  And maybe nothing will be as important moving forward as the skill of actually knowing how to learn

Being learning ready and able involves the brain, the body, and the heart. 

We help kids learn how to set themselves up for success through integration practices of the body, mind and heart, so they can form the habits that will serve them for life.

What kids are saying

She was so awesome! I loved how she used real life situations to help.
Wonderful! I love all the great poses she taught us. In addition, I was able to truly understand the causes of stress.
I loved how she made this presentation part of her own problems.
It really calmed me. I really appreciated that.
It taught me how to be less stressed.
I really loved this workshop. It made me feel like nothing ever happened.
Really incredible, applicable, and engaging.
It taught me how to be less stressed.
I really learned something TODAY!