Until recently, educating the heart was more of a ‘nice to have’ in our schools.  Today, however, it’s clear that in order to serve children in a way that really sets them up for success in life, it’s essential that we move ‘educating the heart’ to the top of the ‘must have’ list. 

Social emotional learning, which deals with many matters of the heart, including:  emotional regulation, goal setting, empathy and relationship building, has made its way onto many school agendas.  Yet, implementing and tracking matters of the heart can be, well, like the heart – hard to understand, kind of messy, puzzling, and subjective.  These barriers often halt our ability to take a first step or be consistent in our implementation.

Nevertheless, we must make time for the heart. So, regardless of where you are on the spectrum of educating the heart in your schools and classrooms, you can begin NOW or strengthen your current practices by embodying tools of self-awareness and self-regulation.

Self-awareness and self-regulation skills sit at the foundation of all social emotional learning.  Essentially, we are slowing down to speed up.  Our urgencies to transform our schools, improve student achievement and increase outcomes for children, have us moving at quick speeds which often creates stress and overwhelm.

For optimal teaching, learning, and leading we must SLOW DOWN.  There we have greater access to creativity and innovation; we are more efficient and effective; we can observe and feel more joy in our lives, and we are healthier – physically, mental and emotionally.  Consequently, we then truly model the behaviors we want our students to adopt.   Aware, reflective and JOYful.

Fortunately, you don’t need a program or consensus with anyone to begin, you just need a willingness and desire for different results in your life and schools.  These tools serve us professionally as well as personally!

No equipment, no programs, just a desire to improve your current situation. 

Check out the free PDF with mindfulness practices you can use right now proven to increase focus, feelings of well-being and calm while decreasing stress and overwhelm.  Do your heart a favor  

Mindfulness Practices for Educators


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