Tools for Toddlerhood


Although I spent most of my career working with adolescents, I am now raising a toddler, so my interest, research and learning has grown exponentially in the past three years.  It also happens to be where my heart rests as I, like all parents, wrestle daily on the choices that will best support the healthy growth and development of my daughter.

This workshop is based on my current learning and experiences along with my husband, as well as my study with the likes of Dr. Daniel Siegel, Magda Gerber, and Diana Baumrind.

During this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn how to attune to their children and create deeper, more meaningful connections.
  • Reframe toddlers’ behaviors (the tantrums, outbursts and the ever present ‘no’) so as to expand opportunities for curiosity and inquiry, lightening the overwhelm and stress.
  • Explore attunement principles and coherence in order to deepen self-awareness and cultivate more present moment awareness and joy!
  • Learn mindfulness practices that support attuning and creating more coherent, integrated environments.
  • Learn the value and importance in validating, acknowledging and mirroring.
  • Explore communication techniques including: 'the conditional yes’, 'communicating by comfort', and 'setting loving limits'.