Success leaves clues.


Learning (and life) can be challenging.  Our kids today are often stressed, disconnected, and distracted. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With the right mindsets, habits and skills they can learn to calm themselves, connect more deeply, and focus – in the classroom, on the field, on a stage … so they can rock it wherever they go!

Are you looking to….

  • Get kids learning ready – calm, focused, alert?
  • Empower kids with tools to manage emotions and build relationships?
  • Help kids learn to deal with stress and anxiety?
  • Equip kids with tools to increase self-confidence and self-efficacy?
  • Learn strategies to truly teach the ‘whole-child’ – mind and body?
  • Cultivate more JOY in your classroom and home?

Our Trainings

We train from the inside out…

We’d do anything for our kids, but the truth is to thrive they need to be able to help themselves – manage emotions, build relationships, set goals, make decisions, embody growth mindsets, and cultivate confidence.

So that’s what we teach!

At Roots Education we’ve trained thousands of teachers, parents, and students to use our 3 step process to empower our kids from the inside out so they are strong, confident, and ready for whatever life throws their way.

Get your kids life-ready!


Align your Priorities for a coherent Year

Choose your trainings and collaborate with us to define your path to success.

Learn the secrets to integrate Well-Being

Discover the mindsets and build the habits that empower kids from the inside out.

Embody, Model, & Teach the Tools

Create a culture of well-being with practices, tools and skills that empower teachers, leaders and students alike to thrive.   

We know it takes a village,
everyone gets to support and be supported!


Learn tools and practices to increase learning time, decrease referrals, and improve student focus and attention

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Learn tools and practices that decrease stress and anxiety, and increase feelings of calm and well-being

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Learn tools and practices that improve communication, build empathy, and strengthen bonds

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Our Reviews


What others are saying about Roots Education


"Life-changing. Not only did my kids benefit, I am able to really enjoy my teaching now, knowing that I’m equipping my kids to thrive on a very deep level - really teaching the whole-child."

Karen P



"Teaching remedial math, I used to have kids showing up late and skipping class. Now, they show up on time so they can pause in their day and re-center... and then they’re more willing to get into the math."

Chris D

High School Teacher

Trish’s support is unmatched!

"Trish’s support is unmatched. Her understanding of the classroom had me thinking she’d actually been in my room. Her suggestions are spot on and always delivered with understanding and compassion."

Kristen T

After School


"Before coaching, honestly, I was a little resistant. Afterwards, I felt it actually transformed how I see and relate to children – not only my students, but my own kids! Life-changing."

Jackie D


Knowledgeable and powerful presenter!

"When you need someone to get your entire team on the same page and really equip your staff with the latest research on learning readiness, Trish is the one. Knowledgeable and powerful presenter!"

Catherine Y


Best Training!

“Probably the best training I’ve ever been to and I’ve been teaching for over twenty years!”

Joe P


Our Partners


Who’s been listening

  • Innovative Schools Conference
  • National School Transformation Conference
  • California Teachers’ Association
  • California English Teachers’ Association
  • California Social Studies Association
  • California Continuation Schools Association
  • California Charter Schools Association
  • California League of Schools
  • Southern Region Student Wellness Conference

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